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  • Wednesday, 31 May 2023
The Barcelona club was accused of 'buying money' for corruption

The Barcelona club was accused of 'buying money' for corruption

The Barcelona club was accused of 'buying money' for corruption

John Laporta, president of the Barcelona club

The great Spanish football club Barca was accused of bribery of referees.

The club denied the allegations.

According to the indictment, Barcelona was paying a large amount of money to a company called "Daznil-95".

This company is owned by an individual named Jose Maria Enriquez Negrera.

This individual is also a football referee, as well as a former Vice President of the Spanish Football Referee Committee.

The charges were filed by the Barcelona City Prosecutor's Office.

Kadena Ser radio station announced the issue for the first time.

The investigation was started by the club after the station announced through investigative journalism that Barça had been paying a lot of money to this man.

According to the site, Mr. Negrarana and his company "Daznil-95" were paid an undisclosed sum from the Barcelona club from 2001-2018.

During these years, the Barcelona club claims to have paid a total of more than eight million euros to this company called Daznil-95.


The club and Mr. Negrera were charged with breach of trust and corruption in a trial held by the Barcelona court on Friday.

The case, which was filed by the Barcelona City Prosecutor's Office, also includes presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell.

According to the prosecutor, in a verbal agreement between the club and the individual Negrera, in return for this million-dollar handshake payment, Negrera agreed to use his power to make judicial decisions in favor of Barça.

La Liga boss Javier Tebas said last month that the club's current president, John Laporta, would have to resign if he failed to provide an explanation for the payment.

Laporta, on the other hand, ended his civilization in favor of Javier Tebas; Our club does not buy refereeing with money. They defended themselves by saying that everything that is being talked about is falsehood.

It was during the annual tax audit of the Daznil-95 company that the alleged wrongful payment was made.

The Barcelona club admitted to paying the company this huge amount of money, but said: "I paid money so that they could advise me."

Now, 18 of the 20 clubs participating in the Spanish La Liga have expressed that they are concerned about the accusation against Barcelona and will take their own investigation and action.

Barcelona coach Xavi, who has won the trophy eight times with the club, said that he did not know anything about the matter.

“I always want to win. But only in a fair way; "If we were cheating, I'd rather go home."

He made this comment after Barca drew with Manchester United in Europa League 2.

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